Geoff Moar (Chairman)

For the past 40 years Geoff has grown fresh and processed potatoes in the Riverina area of NSW for crisping and fresh markets. He is a member of the Horticultural Committee of the NSW Farmers Association, and is very keen to improve the percentage of retail dollar that is delivered to growers.

"When I first started growing potatoes, the percentage was much larger than it is today and everybody seems to be able to justify a larger share leaving the grower with much less at the end," Geoff says.

Geoff is also concerned about the availability of water throughout Australia, especially the Murray-Darling Basin, which after years of drought is in a dire condition."The handling of water in general, with irrigation supplies needs to be closely observed by both growers and government." He fears that growers may find themselves having difficulty in retaining the water rights that they have already secured with the Australian Government, something that he hopes to improve for industry.

Geoff was appointed to the AUSVEG Board in 2004 and is the longest-serving current director. Geoff was elected as AUSVEG Chairman in August 2013.

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