EnviroVeg Self Assessment

Vegetable Growers want to meet community expectations regarding the environment and the way in which their food is grown and sold.

They want to know that their valuable natural resources are being managed efficiently, without harm to the environment. The EnviroVeg program has been specifically designed by vegetable growers to meet the requirements of both the industry and the broader community.

Key outcomes guiding the EnviroVeg Program are to help growers:

* Improve environmental practices on farm.

* Identify the risks of potential environmental impacts through farming practices.

* Adopt best environmental management practices on-farm.

* Demonstrate their commitment to the implementation of best environmental practices to the community and other stakeholders.

These outcomes are supported by the EnviroVeg Manual and Self Assessment checklist, an easy to use tool for growers to use on-farm to assess progress in various areas of on-farm management. The EnviroVeg Manual draws together the latest research and practice in one easy to use publication, that is supported by Natural Resources Management agencies as being in line with best practice recommendations for on-farm environmental management.

The Self Assessment form can be accessed below so that you can start thinking about the practices you may wish to undertake to further improve your on-farm environmental credentials.

EnviroVeg members are required to undertake the Self Assessment checklist on a yearly basis. Undertaking the Self Assessment allows growers to benchmark practices against previous years and continue to make improvements on-farm. Once the Self Assessment checklist has been downloaded and completed, please return to AUSVEG Environment Coordinator Darcy Boyd.  

** Click here to download the Self Assessment checklist

Should you have any queries or if you wish to join the EnviroVeg Program please contact:

Andrew Shaw
AUSVEG Environment Coordinator
Ph: (03) 9822 0388 Fax: (03) 9822 0688
Email: andrew.shaw@ausveg.com.au

This project is facilitated by HIA in partnership with AUSVEG and was funded by the National Vegetable levy. The Australian Government provides matched funding for all HIA's R&D activities.