Export Readiness

Are you ready to export your product overseas? This is a question asked by many vegetable growers that are considering exporting their produce. Becoming export ready can be challenging and requires a real commitment to become an established exporter.

AUSVEG has produced a variety of resources to aid growers in the export process, and provide informative solutions to growers considering exporting their commodities into international markets. Completing our Export Readiness Checklist is a simple way to get a feel for some of the major requirements involved in exporting overseas. 

Export Readiness Checklist
Guide to the Export Readiness Checklist
Market Visit Checklist

AUSVEG has also designed a Produce Tracking Booklet which uses a case study to provide information about the logistics of a consignment travelling to an export market. 

Produce Tracking Booklet

The key to exporting into a new market is understanding the particular market you wish to enter. AUSVEG has conducted a range of exporting forums focusing on important regional export markets to build growers knowledge of how to do business with key trading partners.

Export Strategy Development Resources

The development of an export strategy is a key consideration for growers who wish to commence exporting produce. AUSVEG have provided a range of documents to assist growers to develop an effective export strategy.

AUSVEG is also committed to Market Development activities to assist in creation of opportunities for Australian vegetable growers in key export markets. Click on the Market Development tab for more information.
This project is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.