The 2019 Landcare Tasmania awards were held last week to celebrate the state’s efforts to protect Tasmanian land, water and biodiversity.

These awards demonstrate the importance and potential of agriculture and farmers to ecosystem health, biodiversity management, input use efficiency and soils.

Soil First Tasmania won the Australian Government Tasmanian Landcare Farming Award, for contributing to soil conservation and health using peer to peer learning and group support to encourage and drive practice change. They are an active and fast-growing group made for and by farmers.

Redbank Farm (Michael and Rochelle Nichols) was presented an award for innovation in land management using a combination of cover crops and precision agriculture, improving soil health with accurate application of fertiliser, saving dollars and the environment.

Congratulations to all awards winners nominees.

Soil First president Dave Roberts-Thomson, secretary Theresa Chapman and committee member Yuri Wolfert


Rochelle and Michael Nichols of Redbank Farm