In October 2020, an organic-certified crop protection product was released on to the Australian market. With registration for over 80 different crops, this naturally derived insecticide is a sustainable option for effectively managing pests in a range of horticultural growing enterprises.

In a commitment to the sustainability of Australian growers, a new organic insecticide has been launched on the local market. Released by Corteva Agriscience, Entrust® Organic is a naturally derived insecticide based on metabolites produced by the fermentation of naturally occurring soil organisms. Its favourable environmental and end-user safety profile offers many benefits to growers wanting effective control of damaging pests.

Corteva Agriscience Marketing Manager for Horticulture and Insecticides, Nick Koch, said the product has long been anticipated by the Australian agriculture market. This is not only for its organic certification, but also for its favourable environmental profile and selectivity to key beneficial insects.

“Entrust® Organic is a biological solution that restores balance to your crop protection program, having minimal impact on key beneficial insects it is ideally suited to integrated pest management (IPM) programs,” Mr Koch said.

“It’s a product that Corteva is proud to offer because we know that growers will benefit. Its proven efficacy and organic certification offer farmers a sustainable alterative to help them thrive.”

The product offers selective control of various Lepidopteran species, including caterpillar pests, leafminer, cherry and pear slug and thrips. Registered in over 80 different crops, it also offers versatility for growers with mixed farming enterprises.

Registrations include cucurbits, culinary herbs, vegetables (brassica, fruiting, leafy, root, tuber, stalk and stem), legumes, avocados, berries, citrus, grapes, pomefruit, stone fruit, and tropical fruit crops.

Grower insight

Kim Martin – who manages Frais Farms, a leafy vegetable and brassica operation in East Gippsland, Victoria – said the introduction of Entrust® Organic to Australia will be a game changer for the local horticultural sector.

“To date, there haven’t been a lot of tools available to growers to combat insect pressures in an organic operation,” Mr Martin said.

“We’re really thrilled that Corteva is bringing Entrust to the marketplace as it’s a good, clean product. With the certification from the organic industry, it offers us the opportunity to further boost our brand as a credible supplier of a superior product that is insect and defect-free.”

Mr Martin said the safety aspect of the product was also a huge bonus to industry.

“It is a very soft product which means not only does it not harm the environment, it also doesn’t harm the farmer applying it,” he said. “In an agricultural environment, chemicals can often be quite risky to handle or require a lot of protective wear, but a product like this puts your mind at ease. I think growers are going to love using this and also have peace of mind when asking their employees to handle it too.”

Nick Koch said Corteva is committed to working with Australian growers like Kim Martin to enable them to maximise yield and profitability with quality new products.

“Being able to offer new selective crop protection products with improved environmental and safety profiles is something we’re really proud of,” Mr Koch said.

“Producers are demanding softer, more sustainable chemistry and that’s good news for Australian agriculture.

“When farmers win, everyone wins – and investing in the products our customers want and need makes good sense. We are a company with clear sustainability objectives, striving to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume.”

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Cover image: Frais Farms Director Kim Martin.

This article first appeared in Vegetables Australia – Summer 2020/21. To read the full publication, please click here.