AgNova is pleased to launch Metarex Inov® – a new formulation of the already popular slug and snail bait Metarex®.

Developed by DeSangosse Group in France, Metarex Inov provides breakthrough control based on unique Colzactive® technology in an enhanced delivery system.

Metarex Inov represents a significant advance in slug and snail control with less active and lower rates than Metarex.

The product provides maximum attractiveness, enhanced palatability and faster efficient kill over Metarex, while still having the well-known long-lasting protection, being integrated pest management (IPM) friendly and having excellent ballistics.

AgNova’s Andrew Glover said monitoring slug and snail populations is an important first step in the control process.

He stressed that slugs and snails are discriminating eaters and it is the quality of the bait, particularly its palatability, that is important.

“An attractive product will ensure slugs and snails will encounter a bait,” Mr Glover said.

“Metarex Inov has had extensive testing in Australian conditions to prove its efficacy. It is the next generation in slug and snail control.”

For more information, head to this AgNova webpage.