The Australian Government is investing $72.7 million to help Australian agribusinesses expand their export markets in 2021 as part of the Agri-Business Expansion Initiative.

Key elements of the initiative include new one-on-one exporter support services, greater access to market intelligence, and matched grants for government and industry associations to work together on market expansion.

  1. Short-term Agricultural Counsellors
  2. Boosting scientific and technical capacity
  3. Surge support for market expansion
  4. Expansion of the ATMAC Program

The existing Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) will be expanded and modified to enable the Government to enter into strategic partnerships with industry.

The Government will develop strategic partnerships with industry to support trade expansion and diversification. Potential grants will be assessed by an industry/Government panel, with those sectors most affected by trade disruptions targeted for assistance.

A portion of the ATMAC grants will be allocated to investments that support trade expansion, along with industry specific international marketing and promotion plans, and activities like trade missions to activate those plans.

Other activities eligible for support include, but are not limited to: research and development; training and education; information exchange; feasibility studies; competitor analyses or sector or market analyses; export strategy development; targeted relationship development; capital works that support improved market diversification; and influencing the evolution or adoption of international standards and protocols.

Proposals will be required to demonstrate broad support across the relevant industry stakeholders and include a co-contribution, financial and/or in-kind. The nature of the arrangements will vary depending on the sector, export markets and diversification activities being targeted.

For further information including eligibility, refer to ATMAC Grant Guidelines.


This initiative will make an extra $18.4 million in grant funding available to industry associations over the next two years.

Industry associations, including peak bodies are eligible to apply for ATMAC funding. To be eligible to receive a grant, the association must represent a range of relevant industry beneficiaries and provide a significant co-contribution, financial and/or in-kind, proportionate to the size of the grant.


If you are interested, find more details on this website.