Agronico is sowing the seeds of success for the future of Australia’s broader vegetable industry, having renewed its Strategic Partnership with AUSVEG.

As Tasmania’s leading seed potato business, Agronico was initially formed as a consultancy business providing independent agronomy advice.

Over the past 35 years, the company has grown to include a research and development arm, which has significantly improved the efficiency of potato propagation and developed progressive processes for the production of high-quality, predictable seed potato tubers.

The family owned business’s state-of-the-art potato grading and packing operation can produce nearly 250,000 minitubers and 9,500 tonnes of seed potatoes.

With its upgraded cool store now able to house almost 14,500 tonnes of potatoes, Agronico is well positioned to increase varieties and quantities into the future.

AUSVEG looks forward to working with Agronico for the benefit of the Australian vegetable and potato industries into the future.

For more information about Agronico, see the Agronico website.