Applied Horticultural Research (AHR), alongside RM Consulting Group, has been delivering important levy-funded projects like the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection for the vegetable industry for nearly a decade.

AHR’s dedication to our industry has been cemented further through the announcement that the leading research and consultancy firm has renewed its Strategic Partnership with AUSVEG.

Engaging the horticultural supply chain with its multi-disciplinary team of skilled research and communication professionals, AHR’s research, communications, science-based solutions, and training methods, supports a wide range of industry innovation and sustainability practices.

Working closely with growers, processors — supporting organisations in Australia and overseas — AHR helps growers meet consumer demands and increase profits, enabling the delivery of better products to consumers, and returns to growers.

These projects have delivered on-farm benefits to growers who have participated or engaged in the extension activities coordinated by AHR and RMCG to improve their soil management and nutrition and protect their crop health.

Through this partnership, AHR is supporting AUSVEG in its public advocacy and other work on behalf of growers.

For more information on AHR, visit its website.