24 May 2023
Coping with stress, anxiety, and mental health.

We all understand that tough times on the land come and go like the seasons, but sometimes the pressures of farming, and lack of ability to see a way out, become too much.Quite often the final straw may be something unrelated to work such as a death of a loved one or a relationship breakdown, or even something quite unassuming such as a flat tyre.

But whatever the trigger, and when the pressures of life on the land become overwhelming, it is important to seek help.

Stress, anxiety, depression are experienced by people across all walks of life, from CEOs of multinational corporations to farmers…..yes, farmers; the people that feed the world, battle nature on a daily basis, and juggle 15 job descriptions in one.

But just like regularly servicing the car, it is important that we care and maintain ourselves and there are practical tools to help mange your mental health.

Ifarmwell is a free online tool kit to help farmers cope effectively with life’s challenges and get the most out of every day, regardless of the circumstances they face. The tool kit has been designed based on what Australian farmers have said they want and what research shows will help.

The ifarmwell modules are designed to help farmers effectively manage things beyond their control and get the most out of life, regardless of the circumstances they face. They are free, farmer-focused, confidential, and accessible anytime via the internet.

As well as the modules, ifarmwell has a range of tips sheets covering topics such as:


Importantly, you DO NOT need to be experiencing a mental health problem to benefit from doing the modules. We can all benefit from tips on things like how to make better decisions, focus on what’s important and spend less time caught up in worries in our heads.

For those farm owners and managers reading this, remember that how you manage your own mental health and wellbeing also sets the scene for the whole organisation. Being authentic and making time to rest and recharge leads to better performance, commitment, employee retention and overall wellbeing of your workforce.

When you feel overwhelmed don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend or family member you trust and make an appointment to see your GP. There are also support groups and local organisations in many regions of Australia that can provide targeted advice and support for people living in rural communities.

Research has proven that farmers are half as likely to access professional GPs or mental health services than non-farmers, so let’s start changing those statistics to make sure our farmers, their families, and their employees lead fulfilling lives and have the tools to help cope with all that rural life throws at them.

Do you need Help?
If it is urgent, please contact your local hospital emergency department, call 000, or call one of the below services:

Lifeline (ph: 13 11 14)
beyondblue (ph: 1300 224 636)
Suicide Call Back Service (ph: 1300 659 467)

For other resources please visit:
IFarmWell – www.ifarmwell.com.au
Rural Financial Counselling Service – www.nema.gov.au
National Centre for Farmer Health – www.farmerhealth.org.au

To access the below Conversation Starter poster please click here.

For more information, contact AUSVEG National Public Affairs Manager Lucy Gregg at lucy.gregg@ausveg.com.au, or 03 9882 0277.