AUSVEG is proud to announce the foundation of its new Strategic Partnership with UPL Australia – a leader in global food systems and one of the top five agricultural solutions companies worldwide.

UPL Australia offers solutions to farmers to optimise farm productivity through innovation and cost-effective products.

It offers a range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and crop protection solutions, with an exciting pipeline of both traditional and environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions.

In 2021 UPL introduced to Australia a new range of BioStimulant products based on GoActiv Technology, designed to address specific crop physiological ‘pain-points’ or abiotic stresses in fruits, vegetables, tree crops, vines and broadacre crops. The BioSolutions technology is the result of many years of research by Goëmar Laboratories in France (a UPL subsidiary) and has proven results across the globe since its inception in the early 1970’s.

When applied to a crop, these products stimulate natural processes either through the soil/root interface or the leaf, to significantly improve nutrient uptake and efficiency, mitigate plant stress and enhance crop quality, bringing added value to growers.

UPL is excited to be launching Pollinus in Australia this year, the first product in their BioResources range, providing a unique biological solution to overcome crop production constraints due to pollination.

A pollination enhancing aid, Pollinus is based on a blend of four botanically sourced attractant pheromones. When sprayed onto target crops at the start of flowering it will attract honeybees into the crop, thereby improving pollination, which is essential for seed and fruit set in many fruit and vegetable crops.

For growers looking for new tools to unlock their crops’ genetic potential, contact the UPL Australia team to discuss its range of unique BioSolutions products.

Learn more about UPL Australia’s services on its website.

UPL has been a long-time sponsor of Hort Connections, and will once again sponsor the Tech Innovation award, to be presented at the National Awards for Excellence during the Hort Connections 2022 Gala Dinner.