Hort Innovation has invested, on behalf of vegetable growers, in a national partnership that links vegetable growing businesses and biosecurity expertise from state and territory biosecurity agencies, research programs and the private sector. The Vegetable Industry Biosecurity and Business Continuity Strategy will develop tools and systems to ensure the industry is prepared and ready to respond to new and recently established plant pests and pathogens.

A key aspect is the development of protocols that enable movement of produce and swift reinstatement of market access.

AUSVEG has partnered with Onside to evaluate potential for digital traceability data. By using Onside daily on their properties, growers will share an anonymised view of check-in movement data on and off farm with AUSVEG. This will help to support return to trade for farm businesses when new pests arrive and to help inform response activities.


Onside makes rural biosecurity, safety and operations easy and mobile, by providing an app that contractors, visitors, and staff can use to check-in to farms.

Sign up to Onside for free through the Vegetable Industry Biosecurity and Business Continuity Strategy Program and:

  • Digitally map your farm boundaries and blocks
  • Monitor movements of people, plant material, equipment as they check- in on site, no matter where you are
  • Streamline your farm biosecurity.

You can learn more and register your interest here.

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