AUSVEG is pleased to announce that Coles will continue its support for the Australian vegetable industry with a renewal of its Strategic Partnership for 2021.

Coles has been a strong supporter of AUSVEG events over the years (including the former AUSVEG Convention, the National Horticulture Convention and Hort Connections 2018/19), and will continue to support the event this year throughout the course of the conference from 7-9 June in Brisbane.

In addition, Coles provides support to the fresh produce industry each year, having launched the $50 million Coles Nurture Fund in 2015 to help small and medium sized businesses innovate and grow.

Since then, numerous Australian vegetable growers have benefitted from the fund.

This partnership and allocation of financial support to Australian vegetable growers sends a strong message to the industry and to the Australian public that Coles is focussed on supporting Australian farmers and has confidence in the industry’s long-term viability and prosperity.

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