As of August 25 this year, the Thai FDA will require fresh fruit and vegetable packhouses to comply with the ‘good practices’ outlined in Thailand Ministry of Public Health Notification No. 386 BE 2560 (2017).

Specifically, Thai importers must provide a copy of approved food safety certification for packhouses of all fresh fruit and vegetable products listed on ‘Annex 1’ (link provided below). Approved certificates must list the word ‘packhouse’ or provide a description that sufficiently aligns with this requirement. Products outside this list do not require packhouse certification. There is no requirement for certification to be provided by growers.

The Thai Notification No. 386 BE 2560 does not specifically define packhouse but Clause 1 states: “Sorting and packing” means post-harvest process for fresh fruits and vegetables which covers from sorting, packing in any types of packaging for sales. The process may include cleaning, cutting, waxing or other processes which preserve quality of fruits or vegetables.”

The changes are reflected in the Department of Agriculture’s MICoR, where exporters can search for requirements for export to Thailand. Useful Links:

Austrade is looking to streamline the process of verifying certification for importers, and will provide an update to industry in the near future. Should you or your importer be requested to provide other documentation, or if you have issues regarding the implementation of these regulations, please contact Austrade Bangkok at, or via phone at +662 6964828.