Australian agriculture’s best and brightest have been awarded prestigious Nuffield Scholarships to study a wide range of topics, from carbon sequestration and accounting to drones and Australian native foods.

The 12 scholarship recipients will travel in Australia and overseas to research innovative concepts, techniques and systems that will make a positive impact on their businesses and the broader agricultural industry.

Each 2022 scholar receives a $30,000 bursary to spend on travel in the next few years.

Among the 2022 scholars is Marlon Motlop, Director and Farm Manager of the Native Co. – a company that grows native herbs, greens and fruits in greenhouses north-west of Adelaide and on farmland in the Barossa Valley. It sells to foodservice businesses and restaurants in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Marlon’s Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Woolworths, will allow him to travel to various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia, as well as to New Zealand, Africa and Fiji.

For a full list of scholarship recipients, click here.