Register to join a two-hour online masterclass discussing soil biology in potato production.

The workshop will give a brief overview of what biology is in your soil, and what it means for your potato crop and the soil.

The presenters will outline how key practices – such as rotation, cover crops, tillage, fertiliser, fumigation and biological products – impact soil biology, soil-borne diseases and potato crops.

Presentations (60 min):

  • The fundamentals of soil biology (Dr Kelvin Montagu).
  • Soil biology and disease suppression (Dr Calum Wilson).
  • Managing soil nitrogen (Marc Hinderager).

Panel discussion (30 min):

A panel of potato growers from across Australia will share their experiences on the practical approaches they are using to get soil biology working for them.

Q&A and discussion (30 minutes)

The grower panel, presenters and attendees will share knowledge and experience.

Click here to register.

The Australian potato industry communication and extension project (PT20000) is a strategic levy investment under the Hort Innovation Potato – Fresh and Potato – Processing Funds.