The Australian Farmer, a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about Australian agriculture and the agrifood sector, is now available for free to the entire industry. With over 280 pages of valuable agricultural information and a wide array of links to other sources, this digital book is an immense knowledge tool for growers and all farmers.

The book is also a tribute to farmers, acknowledging their achievements, endurance, ingenuity and success in a country where it seems as though farmers and the reality of their work are becoming increasingly remote for the majority of Australia’s population.

AUSVEG has been involved in the delivery of this publication, along with a huge range of other horticulture and agriculture industry bodies, ensuring the book’s content is relevant to our industry and useful to our growers. You can access The Australian Farmer as a digital book online.

This post appeared in the AUSVEG Weekly Update published 14 February 2018.