The Food and Grocery Code of Conduct is a voluntary code regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that governs certain conduct by grocery retailers in their dealings with suppliers.

It is currently being reviewed to ensure that it is working effectively and to identify whether or not it has been successful in improving the way supermarkets (and some wholesalers) deal with their suppliers.

There are a number of ways for you to contribute to the review, including by providing written feedback via the review’s consultation page and by sending your responses to

AUSVEG is also working with the reviewers to represent the Australian vegetable industry and our growers. If you deal directly with retailers, we’d like to hear your feedback about the Code, including:

  • If and how it’s affected your dealings with retailers as a supplier
  • If there are gaps in the Code which have come up during your dealings with retailers
  • If there are any aspects of the Code that have had positive impacts on your business
  • How you perceive the dispute resolution arrangements under the Code

If you would like to provide input to the review, you can e-mail AUSVEG National Manager – Public Affairs Tyson Cattle at or call 03 9882 0277.

All feedback and information provided to AUSVEG will be passed on without identifying details, and all responses to this review are being treated as confidential by the reviewers.

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