A two-day series of workshops and field days is being coordinated for growers in the Carnarvon region of Western Australia who want to learn more about managing soilborne diseases in their vegetable crops.

Presented by Dr Len Tesoriero and Dr Doris Blaesing from the project teams working on soilborne disease and soil health management in vegetables, these interactive workshops and field visits will discuss the current knowledge and core principles of managing key soilborne diseases in local vegetable production systems.

Information provided in Vietnamese
Time/date: 5:00pm-8:00pm, Monday 30 April 2018
Location: The Bomb Shelter/Carnarvon DPIRD office, South River Road, Carnarvon WA

Information provided in English
Time/date: 5:00pm-8:00pm, Tuesday 1 May 2018
Location: The Bomb Shelter/Carnarvon DPIRD office, South River Road, Carnarvon WA

The workshop discussions will cover the biology and life-cycles of key soilborne diseases; non-chemical control strategies; information on new products; disease diagnostics; and how to implement a risk-based approach to managing soilborne disease.

Prior to the workshops, facilitators and presenters will visit farms in the region to better understand production systems and the challenges posed by nematodes, Fusarium, bacterial canker, Phytophthora and Sclerotinia.

If you’d like more detailed information or want to share these events around your networks, the team has prepared two event flyers:

If you’d like to register your interest in attending the workshops and/or field days, RSVP to:

Sam Grubisa
vegetablesWA Industry Development Officer
0427 373 037

Truyen Vo
vegetablesWA Industry Development Officer
0457 457 559

Growers in southern WA who are interested in hearing from Dr Blaesing and Dr Tesoriero can attend the vegetablesWA Leafy Variety Trial day being held on Thursday 3 May.

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