AUSVEG is proud to announce its new Strategic Partnership with Source Certain International – a global leader in supply chain integrity and provenance science.

Source Certain’s unique forensic-based understanding of global supply chains and expertise in chemical profiling addresses challenges of credibility, trust and source verification for supply chains across a range of industries – including Australian agriculture.

Source Certain offers services to producers and supply chain stakeholders that are vital in maintaining integrity within their supply chains through their unique scientific technology which is able to determine the provenance of vegetables with various chemical profiling methods.

The sensitivity of its technology allows Source Certain to determine a product’s provenance beyond a farm to its lot, orchard or shed.

The technology identifies a unique fingerprint between a food product and its origin, so that its authenticity and provenance can be scientifically verified at any point in the domestic and international supply chain.

Source Certain has extensive experience with over 40 years of using its forensic investigative and legally accepted provenance verification methods and technology to support law enforcement, regulators, industry associations and individual businesses across various global food fraud, product counterfeit and other criminal activity.

By commencing its Strategic Partnership with AUSVEG, Source Certain is showing its valued support for the Australian vegetable growers and broader industry.