Whitefly control in vegetable crops is at the centre of a new pesticide available to Australian growers. It can be used alone for quick knockdown or tank mixed with other pesticides as a part of an Integrated Pest Management program, as Vegetables Australia explains.

There is a new product on the Australian market registered for whitefly control in cucurbits and tomatoes.

Released by Oro Agri and available exclusively through E.E. Muir & Sons, PREV-AM has a quick knockdown effect that makes it a versatile stand-alone treatment or tank mix partner with other pesticides or liquid fertilisers. It can stop whitefly within minutes and its level of control is accomplished within 1-2 hours.

The quick knockdown action makes this product a great addition to an Integrated Pest Management program. An application can be timed to control insects and diseases only when they reach the economic threshold. Because it is a contact pesticide and has no residual activity, PREV-AM applications can be scheduled to avoid impacting bees or other beneficial insects.

To achieve best results in controlling whitefly, it is recommended in consecutive spray applications seven days apart (see figure below). This strategy will provide the best opportunity to achieve population collapse of whitefly within your crop.

How it works

The OROWET® technology contained in PREV-AM provides outstanding spreading on the leaf surface. In a tank mix with other pesticides, the product distributes the spray solution evenly on the plant surface to help prevent phytotoxicity and to improve control – making adding an additional adjuvant unnecessary.

The unique action of the leaf ‘rewetting’ surfaces after the PREVAM spray solution has dried. It will be rewetted due to rainfall, irrigation or a heavy dew event, and moisture is dispersed evenly across the leaf surface – resulting in redistributing chemistry and faster drying times. This ensures even distribution of protective chemistry and lessons the opportunity of disease infection.

Additionally, with a low re-entry interval and no withholding period, PREV-AM will not disrupt harvest schedules or staff ability to continue working in the field or glasshouse.

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Cover image: Adult whitefly on leaf of cucurbit. Image courtesy of Alton N. Sparks, Jr., University of Georgia, Bugwood.org.