In coordination with the VegNET program, VegPRO is delivering a series of workshops on chemical handling for vegetable growers, with a new workshop now announced for South Australia.

These face-to-face courses are designed for the vegetable industry and aim to raise awareness of the potential hazards and risks of chemicals and how to apply them safely. Over February and March, VegPRO will be coordinating workshops in:

This course includes safe chemical handling, storage and transport as well as safe application of chemicals using correct personal protective equipment and understanding chemical labels. This course includes ACCHM303 Prepare and Apply Chemicals and ACCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals.

For more information about the VegNET program being delivered in Tasmania, see the VegNET Tasmania website. For more information on VegNET being delivered by South Australia, see the AUSVEG SA page. For more information about VegPRO, the vegetable industry’s own levy-funded national training program, see the VegPRO website.

This post appeared in the AUSVEG Weekly Update published 14 February 2018.