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Freshcare Training


AUSVEG is collecting expressions of interest for businesses who wish to receive Freshcare training. Businesses who provide their details using the form below will be contacted to organise a training date and time in group or individual settings.

    (This date should be prior to the the relevant audit.)

    Information on Freshcare

    Freshcare is the name for the horticultural industry owned, not-for-profit, on-farm assurance program, established in the year 2000 to service the needs of the Australian industry.

    Freshcare Ltd currently offers certification to multiple codes of practice including Freshcare Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) and Freshcare Environmental (ENV). The newest iterations of these codes are FSQ4 and ENV3 and all audits from 2017 must be to these codes of practice.

    The revised food safety and quality code brings Freshcare in line with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Only GFSI certified standards are used as base standards as a part of the harmonised food safety certification requirements of major Australian retailers – Harmonised Australian Retail Produce Standards (HARPS) project.

    Freshcare is currently benchmarking against GLOBALG.A.P. standard, which will enable certified members easier access to overseas markets.

    The updated code improves alignment with the ‘Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety’ and Freshcare Environmental and improves access to guidance materials.

    For more information contact AUSVEG – Environment Coordinator, Andrew Shaw on or 03 9882 0277, or visit the Freshcare website at

    For trainers

    If you are a qualified Freshcare trainer who would be interested in facilitating training through AUSVEG, please email or call 03 9882 0277.