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Clause – Cauliflower

HM. Clause talks about their strong Local Cauliflower programme as well as their shoulder season variety DEFENDER & their new EXP line 10-533 which is showing huge potential in the shoulder season.

Seminis – Cauliflower

Seminis has been a proud supporter of the East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days for many years. The 2020 Seminis demonstration site showcased varieties from the brassica and leafy portfolios with a range of new to trial and commercial varieties on display.

For more information on these varieties, please visit the Seminis website:…

South Pacific Seeds – Cauliflower

South Pacific Seeds are proud to display their diverse cauliflower range. BORIS is a versatile, warm and shoulder season standard Australia wide. We are also excited to be trailing 277-9 and DOUBLON cauliflower alongside BORIS as a faster maturing warm season varieties. SHAKARIS is a fantastic fast maturing and high yielding option to harvest into early and mid-Autumn. FALKIS and KIRGIS are great options for shoulder season harvest. FALKIS has a slightly faster maturity than KIRGIS, whereas KIRGIS has a premium frame, wrap and curd.