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Enza Zaden – Romaine

The innovative world of Enza Zaden Romaines! Enza Zaden offers leading genetics in every segment: Large-, Midi-, Mini-cos and Little Gem to provide reliability in production to all our diverse customers and markets worldwide.

Enza Zaden – Iceberg

The innovative world of Enza Zaden Iceberg Lettuce! As one of the market leaders in Iceberg genetics, Enza Zaden has the experience, diversity and range to meet any requirements, including disease resistances, seasonal and climate conditions to provide reliable results for both the fresh and processing markets.

Enza Zaden – Eazyleaf Lettuce

The innovative world of Enza Zaden Eazyleaf! Our Eazyleaf portfolio brings one of the broadest ranges of coloured lettuce to the industry, with world class genetics for disease resistance, shelf-life and bolting tolerance.

Enza Zaden – Spinach & Rocket

The innovative world of Enza Zaden Spinach and Rocket! Full disease resistance packages and diversity in leaf type is what Enza Zaden brings to the Babyleaf Spinach market! We offer our growers a broad range of options for any climate and seasonal conditions.