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South Pacific Seeds – Broccoli

South Pacific Seeds are proud to display their diverse broccoli range. OVERLAND and FLINDERS are two very exciting new cool season additions. They produce Anthocyanin free (outstanding color), high yielding, smooth dome shaped heads. AURORA is still Australia’s market standard broccoli. It’s versatile, high yielding and has superior color (Anthocyanin free). For high heat tolerance, color and yield, ALUCIA broccoli is our best option.

South Pacific Seeds – Cauliflower

South Pacific Seeds are proud to display their diverse cauliflower range. BORIS is a versatile, warm and shoulder season standard Australia wide. We are also excited to be trailing 277-9 and DOUBLON cauliflower alongside BORIS as a faster maturing warm season varieties. SHAKARIS is a fantastic fast maturing and high yielding option to harvest into early and mid-Autumn. FALKIS and KIRGIS are great options for shoulder season harvest. FALKIS has a slightly faster maturity than KIRGIS, whereas KIRGIS has a premium frame, wrap and curd.

South Pacific Seeds – Cabbage

South Pacific Seeds are proud to display their versatile cabbage range with some exciting new additions. PORTELLO is a sweet tasting red cabbage which is high yielding and is quicker to mature than the standards. For crates and fresh market, green globe cabbage 188-7 is very uniform and has a standout sweet flavor. Alternatively for the same market, ASIA green cabbage is flat globe in shape and has strong holding ability. MATILDA is still the high market standard for Chinese cabbage. We are excited to announce the addition of BILLABONG which has all the attributes of Matilda but also has club root tolerance.

South Pacific Seeds – Spinach

South Pacific Seeds are proud to release three seasonal baby spinach to take harvest through winter, spring summer and autumn. JINX is the SPS dark green high yielding spinach for winter harvest. PORTSEA is a spinach for exceptionally high yield and upright growth in the autumn season and SORRENTO is recommended for warm summer season harvest for baby spinach.

South Pacific Seeds – Lettuce

South Pacific Seeds are proud to release a range of new colored multi leaf lettuce with downy mildew resistance. The outstanding green multi leaf lettuce SPS are introducing are PENDLEBURY, ZORKO and WILDLING. The dark red multileaf to look at this year are JETTA, WINES and RIOLI and the lighter red one is ROZEE. All of these are suitable for multiple harvests and are useable all year around without bolting or tip burn issues.

South Pacific Seeds – Cos Lettuce

South Pacific Seeds are proud to release two new large green cos lettuce NEMO and GREEN GOBLIN. NEMO is our heart shaped cos lettuce with uses as a heart or as a processed cos. GREEN GOBLIN is a traditional large cos to replace our popular GOBLIN for fresh market cos lettuce. Nemo and green goblin are mildew resistant and Nemo also has resistance to Nasonovia lettuce aphid.