Biosecurity planning provides a mechanism for the vegetable industry, government and other relevant stakeholders to assess current biosecurity practices and future biosecurity needs. Biosecurity planning identifies procedures that can be put in place to reduce the chance of pests reaching our borders or minimise the impact if a pest incursion occurs. The Vegetable Industry Biosecurity Plan (IBP) provides a framework for biosecurity risk mitigation measures in the industry (and is downloadable from this web page). To assist in implementing these measures, the vegetable industry and Plant Health Australia (PHA) have initiated biosecurity activities to increase surveillance, awareness, and capacity to respond to biosecurity issues. In addition to the downloadable documents there are links to two websites containing pest specific materials including fact sheets and contingency plans: the Pest Information Document Database (PIDD) and the Pest and Diseases Image Library (PaDIL) Plant Biosecurity Toolbox.