The project worked extensively with stakeholders across the potato, vegetable and processing
tomato industries. Within the potato industry, the project worked with all sectors of the supply chain
– seed, ware and processing from tissue culture, seed, tuber production and product to consumers.
Importantly, government biosecurity agencies were an important stakeholder, especially regarding
the economic impact of restricting the movement of product across state borders.

The project has successfully delivered:

  • Increased knowledge of TPP and CLso amongst all key stakeholder groups.
  • Enterprise Management Plans for respective stakeholders.
  • National Management Plan for both industry and government stakeholders.
  • Industry Communique from Plant Health Committee to the Potato Industry re the movement of potato tubers
  • A Research and Development Plan for TPP and CLso.

Extension efforts were wide-ranging. The Coordinator engaged with potato, vegetable and
processing and fresh tomato growers; potato processors; seed potato producers; potato tuber
merchants; and respective industry bodies. This was achieved through 22 grower meetings total of
455 growers attended, nine presentations at industry meetings and conferences – of which
approximately 400 participants attended – as well as three workshops conducted with industry and
Plant Health Committee members. These were specifically on the movement of potato tubers.

Information resources have been produced and a TPP Portal was established where all resources are
available. A TPP article was published in each issue of Potatoes Australia and Vegetables Australia
for the life of the project from October 2017 to May 2021. These publications can be found at

The project was put on hold from March 2020 to February 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and
subsequently reinstated from March 2021.