This project collated scientific information on the impact of cooking on texture, flavour, colour & nutrient/phytonutrient content & bioavailability in all levied vegetables. A summary of this information is presented for each levied vegetable, and has been made available at vegetables, with an explanation of the general impact of different cooking methods on nutrients, including in canned and frozen vegetables, at Recommended optimal cooking methods were developed for all levied vegetables, and diagrammatic representations of these were developed and are presented and also used on the website. Due to a lack of available information, a selection of Asian vegetables were cooked in a number of ways, and the Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) was measured in cooked samples; cooking recommendations were then developed. Diagrammatic instructions for optimal cooking methods and recipes for Asian vegetables in traditional and more mainstream dishes were developed. All cooking diagrams and recipes were tested on over 600 consumers and stakeholders, for understanding and clarity. Amendments were made, and resources were added to as text/images and downloads.