This project (VG19015) is for AUSVEG SA to support the continuation of extension services as part of the VegNET SA project for a period of 18 months from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2021(VegNET phase 2.0). The VegNET SA project aims to provide an important link between growers and the R&D funded by Hort Innovation under the National Vegetable Levy.

Delivery of this project was conducted by the VegNET SA Industry Development Officer, Yanyu Liang, with oversight and management from Jordan Brooke-Barnett, AUSVEG SA CEO and support from the Association Board of Directors and VegNET SA Regional Extension Advisory Group (REAG).

In the initial stages of VegNET phase 2.0, a key foundational activity was to develop the 5-year regional extension plan and project plans with input from REAG and Hort Innovation training providers. Priorities for the 5-year regional extension plan and project plans were established after analysis from the regional context and challenges and opportunities, together with the AUSVEG SA Board and the REAG group.

As part of this 5-year plan, four major focus areas of VegNET SA in this and future projects were identified:

  1. New markets and value adding
  2. Efficiency management
  3. Salinity and other regional production issues
  4. Business Capability Building