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Clean and disinfect the greenhouse

The greenhouse always has to be cleaned and disinfected before planting a new crop. The clean up activity provides a fresh starting point and reduces … Read more

Do not go to another greenhouse

Movement of people around the farm is one of the primary ways for pests and diseases to penetrate clean zones. Having the correct quarantine protocols, … Read more

Have buffer areas around the greenhouse

Buffer areas are an effective and relatively low cost pest and disease management strategy. Make the buffer area at least 5 metres wide, or 10 … Read more

Mega Pests – The Basics of Protecting Your Crop

This fact sheet outlines general information pertaining to Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. It outlines the key components of an … Read more

Managing the risks of powdery scab in potatoes

This guide is based on current knowledge on management of powdery scab, highlighting key factors that affect the risks of this disease and opportunities for … Read more