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Consumer and market program for the vegetable industry

Project Harvest aimed to identify opportunities for Australia’s vegetable industry through identifying trends in purchase and consumption, in perceptions of value, retail channel preferences, triggers … Read more

Naturally Nutritious

The Naturally Nutritious project, which ran from 2016 until 2021, investigated the health benefits of a range of fruit, vegetables, and nuts to inform the … Read more

Fusarium Cob Rot Management In Sweetcorn

Project provides a Fusarium survey of all main processing growing areas and the Sydney basin, in order to determine the endophytic Fusarium species associated with … Read more

Climate Change Managing Variability and Carbon

A fact sheet outlining the contribution of horticulture to climate change, the impact of climate change on horticulture and ways in which farmers can reduce … Read more

Commodity growing guides – sweet corn

Successful sweet corn production relies on management planning well in advance of sowing, thorough research to identify market requirements, impediments to production, and especially product … Read more