AUSVEG CEO James Whiteside appeared in print media this week welcoming the formation of the National Farmers’ Federation-led Horticulture Council. Mr Whiteside said that AUSVEG hoped the resources and expertise of the NFF would give the horticultural sector a stronger voice in shaping the political agenda.

Mr Whiteside also appeared commenting on the newly launched campaign promoting vegan eating in Melbourne. Mr Whiteside noted that plant-based food is suitable for a well-balanced diet and that as global food demand rises, plant-based foods offer the most efficient means of supplying all essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

AUSVEG National Manager – Communications Shaun Lindhe appeared in print media this week talking about ways for Australians to increase their vegetable consumption as we approach Smart Eating Week, which is running in place of the annual Healthy Weight Week. Mr Lindhe said that by getting involved in Smart Eating Week and cooking meals at home, Australians can have more control over what they’re eating and enjoy the added bonus of a nutrient-rich diet from eating more vegetables.

This post appeared in the AUSVEG Weekly Update published 14 February 2018.