The following permits have been issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Hort Innovation is now the permit holder and the updated versions reflect this change.

Permit ID Description Date Issued Expiry Date Permit holder
PER11127 Version 3 Boscalid (Filan Fungicide) / Celery and peppers / Sclerotinia 30-Jun-15 30-Jun-23 Hort Innovation
PER14127 Version 2 Pendimethalin / Brassica leafy vegetables and rocket / Various weeds 31-Oct-13 31-Aug-18 Hort Innovation
PER14142 Version 3 Ioxynil (Totril) / Spring onion, shallot, and Welsh onion / Broadleaf weeds 17-Oct-13 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14186 Version 2 Spinetoram (Success Neo) / Eggplant or aubergine / Melon thrips 3-Oct-13 30-Sep-18 Hort Innovation
PER14210 Version 2 Bifenazate (Acramite Miticide) / Lettuce (head & leafy varieties) (Protected cropping only) / Two-spotted mite 17-Oct-13 30-Sep-18 Hort Innovation
PER14326 Version 3 Captan / Capsicums, chilli peppers, cucumbers, and leafy lettuce (protected cropping) / Grey mould 19-Dec-13 30-Nov-21 Hort Innovation
PER14337 Version 2 Trifluralin 480 / Swede and turnip / Annual grasses and broadleaf weeds 10-Mar-14 30-Jun-20 Hort Innovation
PER14352 Version 2 Metalaxyl-M & Fludioxonil / Broccoli / Damping-off (pythium & Phytophthora sp.) and Rhizoctonia 28-Jan-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14353 Version 3 Iprodione (Rovral) / Peppers (capsicum, chillies and paprika) Field & PC and Celeriac (field) / Sclerotinia 1-Jul-14 31-Mar-22 Hort Innovation
PER14385 Version 2 Prometryn (Gesagard) / Taro, daikon, galangal, burdock, yam, turmeric, and yam bean / Grass and broadleaf weeds 10-Mar-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14432 Version 2 Pendimethalin / Brussels sprouts / Grass and broadleaf weeds 23-May-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14457 Version 2 Alpha-cypermethrin / Chicory, leeks, spring onions, and shallots / Red legged earth mite and onion thrips 19-Mar-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14471 Version 2 Lambda-cyhalothrin (Karate Zeon) / Shallots and spring onions / Red Legged Earth Mite , Rutherglen Bug, Grey Cluster Bug, Looper, Plague Thrips 30-May-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14479 Version 3 Propiconazole / Spinach, Beetroot, Celery, Silverbeet, Gai Lum, Chicory, endive & Radicchio / Leaf Spot, Septoria Spot, Early Blight, Powdery Mildew, Rust & Septoria leaf spot 12-May-14 30-Nov-19 Hort Innovation
PER14490 Version 2 Phosphorous acid / Rhubarb / Downy mildew 1-Jul-14 31-Jan-19 Hort Innovation
PER14505 Version 2 Pyrimethanil / Snow peas and sugar snap peas / Grey mould (Botrytis cinereal) 1-Jul-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14583 Version 2 Chlorpyrifos / Swede turnip, brassica leafy vegetables, silverbeet, spinach, celery, beans, snow peas & sugar snap peas, parsley, sweet potato / African black beetle, false wireworms, wireworms, vegetable weevil 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14584 Version 2 Imidacloprid (Confidor) / Brassica leafy vegetables / Aphids, whitefly and thrips (excluding western flower thrips) 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14742 Version 3 Methabenzthiazuron (Tribunil) / Leeks, Spring Onions and Shallots / Various broadleaf and grass weeds 1-Jul-14 30-Jun-21 Hort Innovation
PER14703 Version 2 Ethofumesate (Tramat 500 SC) / Spinach (Spinacia oleracea only) and silverbeet / Various weeds 1-Aug-14 31-Jul-19 Hort Innovation
PER14701 Version 2 Pyriproxyfen (Admiral) / Beans / Silverleaf whitefly 4-Feb-15 30-Jun-20 Hort Innovation
PER14696 Version 2 Abamectin / Head Lettuce (field) / Two-spotted mite 1-Apr-14 31-Mar-19 Hort Innovation
PER14695 Version 3 Metalaxyl-M (Ridomil Gold) / Parsnips / Pythium Spp. and Phytophthora Spp. 1-May-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14694 Version 2 Bacillius Thuringiensis (Vectobac) / Capsicums, cucumber, eggplants, herbs, lettuce (Protected Cropping) / Fungus gnats 01-Jun-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14596 Version 2 Chlorpyrifos / Vegetable beetle adults / Brassicas 01-Oct-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14593 Version 2 Mancozeb / Specified fruiting and legume vegetables / Downy Mildew, Anthracnose and Alternaria 10-Jul-14 30-Jun-20 Hort Innovation
PER14722 Version 2 Abamectin / Capsicum, Chilli, Paprika, Cucumber, Squash, Zucchini, Eggplant, Potato, Sweet Corn, Snow pea, Sugar snap pea & Tomato / Tomato red spider mite 17-Feb-15 30-Sep-20 Hort Innovation
PER14816 Version 2 Azoxystrobin (Amistar) / Carrots / Powdery Mildew, Sclerotinia rot/ White Mould, (Black rot- suppression only) 1-Jun-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14839 Version 2 Zineb (Barmac Zineb) / Eggplant, spinach, and silverbeet / Anthracnose 1-Aug-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14840 Version 2 Bupirimate (Nimrod) / Cucurbits and peppers / Powdery mildew 1-Oct-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14842 Version 2 Copper (Copper Oxychloride/Cuprous Oxide/Cupric Hydroxide) / Spring onions & shallots / Downy mildew 1-Oct-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14843 Version 2 Indoxacarb (Avatar Insecticide) / Celery / Heliothis, lightbrown apple moth, lucerne leaf roller and vegetable weevil 1-Oct-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14858 Version 2 Pendimethalin / Parsnip / Grass and broadleaf weeds 1-Apr-15 31-Mar-20 Hort Innovation
PER14864 Version 2 Pirimicarb / Aphids / Sweet potato, brassica leafy 11-Nov-14 30-Jun-19 Hort Innovation
PER14890 Version 2 Methomyl (Lannate L) / Spring onions and shallots / Western flower thrips 25-Nov-18 31-Oct-19 Hort Innovation
PER14891 Version 2 Trifloxystrobin (Flint) / Beetroot / Alternaria leaf spot and Cercospora leaf spot 01-Jan-15 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14892 Version 4 Pymetrozine (Chess Insecticide) / Snow peas and sugar snap peas / Various aphids, silverleaf and greenhouse whitefly (suppression) 06-Jan-15 31-May-22 Hort Innovation
PER14896 Version 2 Bentazone-sodium (Basagran) / Green Peas (processing) / Broadleaf weeds 1-Oct-14 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER14907 Version 2 Emamectin (Proclaim) / Brassica leafy vegetables, plus other leafy vegetables (leafy beets, silverbeet, spinach) and Root & Tuber Vegetables (Beetroot, parsnip, radish, swede, turnip) / Diamondback moth, Helicoverpa spp. and vegetable looper 9-Dec-14 30-Nov-19 Hort Innovation
PER14964 Version 2 Chlorothalonil (Bravo) / Lettuce (head & leafy varieties) plant nursery phase, prior to transplanting in the field / Anthracnose or Shot hole 21-Dec-14 30-Nov-19 Hort Innovation
PER80100 Version 2 Clothianidin (Samurai) / Fruiting Vegetables (excluding cucurbits) / Med Fly & Qld FF 10-Nov-15 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER80101 Version 2 Clothianidin (Samurai) / Cucurbits / Cucumber fruit fly 10-Nov-15 30-Sep-19 Hort Innovation
PER80138 Version 2 Alpha-cypermethrin / Cucurbits / Cucumber fruit fly 26-Feb-15 31-Mar-20 Hort Innovation

All efforts have been made to provide the most current, complete and accurate information on these permits. However, we recommend that you confirm the details of these permits at the APVMA website.

Users are advised that while a pesticide can be applied legally under an APVMA minor use permit, there can be a significant delay until the maximum residue limit (MRL) gazetted by the APVMA is adopted in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Until this occurs the MRL may not be recognised and a zero tolerance may be imposed for residues of the pesticide resulting from its use according to the APVMA permit.

Please be aware that in the absence of a MRL in the Food Standards Code, the use of the pesticide according to the permit may result in the suspension of the produce in the marketplace. Please check the FSANZ website or the Australian Government ComLaw website to confirm if there are MRLs established by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Please consult APVMA documentation before applying any product to your crop.

If an adverse experience occurs as a result of using a permit, please fill out a Non-Performance Reporting Form for Horticultural Pesticides. To download a Non-Performance Reporting Form for Horticultural Pesticides, please click here.

(A ‘non-performance’ is an unintended or unexpected effect on plants, plant products, animals, human beings or the environment, including injury, sensitivity reactions or lack of efficacy associated with the use of an agricultural chemical product(s) when used according to label (or permit) directions.)

Please return the Non-Performance Reporting Form for Horticultural Pesticides to

If you require any ‘non-performance’ information to be provided to the APVMA, please complete their On-Line Adverse Experience Report Form. This can be found at or

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