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Richard Hawkes


Boneo, Mornington Peninsula,


Hawkes Produce

Potatoes (Kipfler, Ranger

Russet, Exton, Nicola and

Sebago), spring onions, baby

carrots, parsley and radish


Young grower profile

The butcher, baker and

candlestick maker! General

Operations Manager, overseeing

day-to-day operations after

ground preparation (planting,

fertilising, irrigation,

harvesting and packing). My

Dad is in charge of ground

preparation and my sister is

involved with the planting,

harvesting and packing.

They vary a little depending on

the time of year, however they

generally start with coordinating

orders, setting tasks for the

work crews, harvesting potatoes,

washing and packing the

product for the day and

then loading the truck to

head off to market.

Talking to the customers that

come to our farm gate to

purchase product and hear

about how much they like the

product we grow. We have many

customers that drive over an

hour with the sole purpose of

purchasing bags of potatoes for

their family and friends.

Expanding the operation to

meet our customers’ increasing

An experiment that got out of

control! I started my career

as an agronomist with E.E.

Muir and Sons in Thorpdale in

2003-04 and started playing

around with a quarter of an acre

of different fertiliser programs

on our family property in

Boneo. I had no plans when

it came to selling the potatoes

and given we have a good

amount of passing traffic, my

Dad suggested I should sell

the Sebagos from the shed. I

made enough money to pay for

a holiday so I thought maybe I

would do a handful more the

next year and then it grew and

grew and grew (now I don’t have

time to have holidays).

Boneo, Victoria