Pest and disease affect all types of vegetable growing operations although they may require different management options.

Last week, VegNET – Victoria (North, West and South-East regions) Regional Development Officer Danielle Park met with vegetable producers and agronomists in the Goulburn Valley, to discuss current pest and disease challenges being experienced in the region.

The event was an opportunity to provide pest updates for two recent biosecurity incursions; serpentine leafminer (Liriomyza huidobrensis also known as Pea leafminer), and fall armyworm (FAW; Spodoptera frugiperda).

Other members of AUSVEG’s Extension and Engagement team, including AUSVEG Biosecurity Coordinator Callum Fletcher, AUSVEG Biosecurity Officer Zali Mahony and AUSVEG Project Officer Cherry Emerick, also participated in the event.

The group also met with local agronomists in the region to ensure that local advisers possess the most current information and knowledge to best support their local vegetable producers if such pests are observed in the region.

The tour included a visit to Aussie Pride Produce, a hydroponic vegetable operation owned by Ilse van Lipzig and Rob Rutten.

They have operated their hydroponic farming business since 2014 and have recently completed an expansion of their Tallygaroopna facility.

Pictured: AUSVEG Biosecurity Officer Zali Mahony, AUSVEG Project Officer Cherry Emerick, Ilse van Lipzig, and AUSVEG Biosecurity Coordinator Callum Fletcher at Aussie Pride Produce.