The Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Program, co-managed by Plant Health Australia and AUSVEG, aims to improve the management of, and preparedness for, biosecurity risks in the vegetable and potato industries at the farm gate and industry level.

The key objectives of the program include raising awareness of priority pest threats to the vegetable and potato industries among growers and industry, increasing the use of on-farm biosecurity practices, providing practical information for the improvement of on-farm biosecurity, and integrating on-farm biosecurity measures with relevant quality assurance and/or best management practice programs.

Awareness activities are a major focus of this program. Therefore, the Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Officers (VPBOs) facilitate biosecurity seminars and workshops for industry stakeholders including growers, industry leaders, agronomists, consultants, research personnel and technical officers. VPBOs are also involved in other relevant events. In 2018, the VPBOs also initiated a one year urban biosecurity pilot program. Click here for more information on the pilot.

The VPBOs also communicate relevant biosecurity related information via a number of communication channels such as the AUSVEG Weekly Update, the Front Line e-mails, The Front Line publication in Vegetables Australia, The Front Line publication in Potatoes Australia, and @biosecurityveg Twitter.