1. Agripolitical advocacy and representation on behalf of vegetable and potato growers.

2. Research and Development (R&D) associated services.

  • Levy rates. AUSVEG is responsible for establishing the case for a new levy (or adjusting an existing levy), seeking a mandate from growers and making submissions to the Australian Government. AUSVEG is currently responsible for the national vegetable and fresh potato research and development levies.
  • Levy investment consultation. AUSVEG is involved in the process that provides a recommendation from industry to Hort Innovation on where the vegetable research and development levy and fresh potato research and development levy should be invested.
  • General consultation. AUSVEG provides representation on behalf of industry for other consultation processes, including regarding issues such as biosecurity incursions.

3. High quality service provision.

AUSVEG delivers national projects in the areas of communication, environmental sustainability, biosecurity, export development and market access on behalf of industry, funded from a wide variety of sources including Government grants, sponsorship and levies.

Our values

Integrity AUSVEG will be approachable, open, honest, accountable and ethical in all business practices.
Industry AUSVEG will commit to the best outcome for growers and industry at all times, and will actively communicate with industry to build strong relationships with key stakeholders.
Respect AUSVEG will be considerate and mindful of the opinions and values of others, and will recognise and support all stakeholders.
Professionalism AUSVEG will continue to be at the forefront of the industry through teamwork and leadership, and will uphold the highest quality of professionalism at all times.
Innovation AUSVEG will value the importance of innovation, and will actively foster a culture that embraces change and new ideas.

AUSVEG membership

To become a member of AUSVEG, please download and print the AUSVEG Membership Form and return to:

P.O. Box 138
Camberwell VIC 3124

Email: info@ausveg.com.au
Fax: 03 9882 6722