InfoVeg TV

InfoVeg TV is an R&D-focused series of YouTube videos developed by AUSVEG specifically for Australian vegetable and potato producers.

InfoVeg TV provides growers with a unique insight into vegetable and potato R&D. Each edition includes interviews with researchers who are conducting projects funded by Hort Innovation using the vegetable and potato research and development levies and funds from the Australian government, as well as interviews with other industry representatives and stakeholders about what this R&D means for the industry.  
Episode Topic Synopsis
19 Harvest to Home Dashboard A walk-through of the levy-funded Harvest to Home Dashboard that uses data collated from Nielsen's Homescan panel.
18 Navigating soil health in potato production An overview of a levy-funded project undertaken by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, providing potato growers with high quality research, information and resources.
17 Vegetable Strategic Investment Plan An oversight of Hort Innovation's Strategic Investment Plan for the Australian vegetable industry. The plan includes clear and measurable goals to ensure strategic levy investments align with the industry’s vision for the future.
16 Integrated Pest Management A look at how growers can use chemical, biological and cultural management techniques to form a unified crop-protection system as part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy.
15 Vegetable leafminer Details on the levy-funded project helping the vegetable industry prepare for the spread of the vegetable leafminer.
14 Tomato potato psyllid - T2M plan An exploration of the plan helping to transition the response to TPP to the management phase, produced in collaboration with DPIRD WA.
13 Exporting in the Australian vegetable industry A look at export programs in the vegetable industry, including an interview with grower Chris Schreurs.
12 How your potato levy is invested An animated video showing how the fresh potato levy is invested by Hort Innovation into projects for the industry.
11 How your vegetable levy is invested An animated video showing how the vegetable levy is invested by Hort Innovation into projects for the industry.
10 Fresh Potato Strategic Investment Plan An insight into the Strategic Investment Plan for the fresh potato industry including the consultation process and planned outcomes.
9 Vegetables Australia and Potatoes Australia A look at the industry publications produced by AUSVEG and how they deliver benefits to the industry.
8 Soil Wealth and ICP An inside look at the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection projects.
7 VegInnovations Day VegInnovations Day held at Monash University's Food Innovation Centre.
6 Vegetable product development Insights and experience in innovative vegetable product development.
5 InfoVeg Database - Vegetable A step-by-step guide through the InfoVeg Database for vegetable research reports.
4 InfoVeg Database - Potato A step-by-step guide through the InfoVeg Database for potato research reports.
3 Growing Leaders Growing Leaders is the vegetable industry leadership development program funded by Hort Innovation using grower levies and funds from the Australian government.
2 VegNET VegNET is the vegetable industry's extension program, communicating research delivered by Hort Innovation using grower levies and funds from the Australian Government.
1 PreDicta Pt PreDicta Pt is a DNA-based soil testing service for potato growers which can help to identify whether certain soilborne pathogens pose a significant risk to potato crops prior to planting.
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation, using the vegetable research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

Key AUSVEG Staff

Shaun Lindhe
National Manager - Communications

Shaun Lindhe

03 9882 0277

Shaun Lindhe joined AUSVEG in 2014 and currently manages all vegetable and potato industry communication projects within AUSVEG, including the production of AUSVEG’s popular industry magazines Vegetables Australia and Potatoes Australia.

Shaun is responsible for managing the Peak Industry Body’s communications functions, ensuring important R&D outcomes are widely conveyed to industry, media and the public.

Shaun holds a Master of Global Media Communications and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) majoring in Media and Communications from the University of Melbourne. He has previous work experience as a researcher at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and as a newsreader and content creator for community radio station SYN.

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