Fun videos for kids

The levy-funded Phenomenom website has a huge collection of fun videos for kids to learn about the science behind vegetables, as well as how to enjoy them.

It’s also got educational curriculum-aligned resources for teachers, including lesson plans sorted by learning area and year level that can be used in the classroom to teach kids more about vegetables.

Storage, cooking and nutrition information

If you want to learn more about your favourite vegetable, veggycation is the place to go.

The levy-funded site has great details on the best way to prepare and cook particular types of vegetable, how to store vegetables to make their shelf-life last as long as possible, and all the nutritional information you need about why each vegetable is good for you.

What's in season?

Our industry grows (and transports) vegetables around the country all year round, so we’ve developed a chart to help you find out what vegetables are in peak seasonality around Australia.

This is a great tool to help you know what’s in peak seasonality so you can buy vegetables when they’re at their freshest and taste their best.

Build healthy habits

CSIRO’s expert researchers have developed the VegEze app to help you build healthy habits and eat more vegetables by giving you reminders and all the information you need to add veggies to your meals.

This levy-funded app is packed with useful resources like serving size recommendations, inspiring vegetable-rich recipes and specific nutritional information about different vegetables.

Australian vegetable production statistics

We’ve put together a page where you can see some statistics about the Australian vegetable industry, including the most commonly grown crops in Australia, the cost of growing vegetables, and some information about Australian vegetable farms.

This page summarises information taken from a few sources. If you want detailed information, check out the Horticulture Statistics Handbook below.

What's Australia buying?

Our industry funds the Harvest to Home consumer research project, which gives you a detailed look at what vegetables Australians are buying.

This uses data from over 10,000 Australian households to show the average amount Australians spend on vegetables, why they like particular vegetables, and a huge range of other retail information.

Hort Statistics Handbook

The Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook is a detailed, technical look at production information about major vegetable crops grown in Australia.

This levy-funded handbook brings together different sets of data and some economic modelling to give you an in-depth look at vegetable production in Australia.