Imports – Top 10 Products by Country

  Prepared potatoes (frozen) are the major imported levied* vegetable at $114 million in 2013-14. While prepared potato imports have fluctuated over the last six years, peaking in 2011-12 at $133 million. New Zealand is the major source of Australia’s prepared potato imports, occupying 51% of the market in 2013-14. Australia’s frozen prepared potatoes from New Zealand increased by 45% from the previous year at $58 million in 2013-14. Perhaps the biggest story from this data is the significant increase by 1363% of prepared potatoes (not frozen) from the United States over the past six years. However, prepared potato (not frozen) imports from the United States fell in 2013-14 by 58% to $5 million. Australian imports of sweet corn (frozen) have been stagnant since 2009-10, and fell by 24% since 2008-09. Accordingly, sweet corn (frozen) imports from New Zealand (Australia’s main importer of frozen sweet corn) has also declined by 21% since 2008-09. AUSVEG Ltd makes this website available on the understanding that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to its use. Before relying on or altering any business practices users should carefully evaluate the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information for their purpose and should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances. *’Levied’ refers to products where an Australian producer would pay the vegetable or potato levy if produced in Australia.

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