The Australian Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) European Study Tour is taking a group of Australian vegetable industry participants, largely growers, to Spain, the Netherlands and the UK to explore compliance and sustainability systems during October 2023.

Running over the first two weeks of October 2023, the goal of the tour is understanding compliance and commercial drivers in overseas markets to maximise trade outcomes.

The study tour will investigate food safety and farm sustainability practices from farm to retailer and will include farm sustainability activities, value-adding and waste utilisation, food labelling and packaging, innovation in the vegetable industry, and marketing trends.

AUSVEG acknowledges funding support from the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.


ATMAC European Study Tour: ADAS and Stourgarden/PG Rix
ATMAC European Study Tour: G’s Fresh
ATMAC European Study Tour: Tomatoworld
ATMAC European Study Tour: Fruit Attraction