20 December 2022

Growers have been through the ringer in 2022, facing COVID-19, rising input costs, flooding, flooding, worker shortages, flooding, and varroa mite, to name a few. It has kept the advocacy team busy working hard to help growers in any way we can.

In November this year we had a change in leadership, bringing on board Lucy Gregg as the new National Public Affairs Manager, who joins us from Tasmania.

Lucy comes with an extensive career in the primary industry and export sector. Lucy has worked across a range of organisations including State premiers, industry associations and commercial horticultural businesses. Lucy’s background provides a diverse skill set across a range of issues such as export, sales and marketing, biosecurity, quality assurance, freight and logistics, value adding, health and nutrition, advocacy and policy.

We are excited to have Lucy on board who brings in fresh eyes and a diverse background, she is already beginning to make her mark!

Some of this year’s highlights:


Projects/ Consultations:

  • Growing a Career in Horticulture, Career booklet (launching February 2023)
  • Input and pricing data advocacy updates
  • Horticulture producer visa guide
  • Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement support letters
  • Unpacking the Vegetable Industry video series
  • Horticulture Sustainability Framework consultations
  • Australian Agriculture Sustainability Framework consultations
  • HARPS review and consultations
  • Developing education resources for PIEFA and the Royal Agriculture Society of NSW Ag in a Box program.
  • Developed an education and training webpage for the AUSVEG website (launch early 2023).
  • Developed a Sustainability resources and education webpage for the AUSVEG website (launch early 2023).
  • Extensive PALM reform consultations
  • Working with the Hort council to collectively advocate for industry improvements.
  • Through the Hort Council, AUSVEG has pushed the needs of the vegetable industry to Richard Shannon who represents the horticulture industry at the Agriculture Working Tripartite group. A group which brings together unions, agriculture representatives and government to work specifically on the agriculture workforce.


  • Optimising the PALM scheme delivery in Australia discussion paper
  • AUSVEG Pre-Budget Submission
  • Hort Innovation Sustainability Framework discussion paper
  • Food and Grocery Code, PART 5 – dispute resolution review
  • Launch of the Education and Training platform on the AUSVEG website
  • Developing a strategic direction for the vegetable industry sustainability.
  • Launch the Sustainability resources and education page on the AUSVEG website.

If you have any input on the upcoming submission please don’t hesitate to reach out to either our National Public Affairs Manager, Lucy Gregg, lucy.gregg@ausveg.com.au or Policy Officer, Chloe Betts, chloe.betts@ausveg.com.au.

On behalf of the Advocacy team and all of AUSVEG, I’d like to wish you all a merry festive season and happy new year. We look forward to representing the vegetable and potato industry in 2023!