Leading specialty fertiliser company Omnia Specialities Australia is continuing its support for the Australian vegetable industry by renewing its Strategic Partnership with AUSVEG.

Omnia Specialities Australia is a leader in the development and manufacture of speciality fertilisers and biostimulants including Humates, Fulvates and Kelp products. Its Humates are of the highest quality and concentration and have formed their flagship product lines since 1990.

Omnia’s core philosophy centres around sustainable agriculture, with an emphasis on optimising the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils — offering growers complete solutions that can boost their production.

Prioritising soil health, Omnia’s vision is to lead the way in terms of quality and innovation.

Its team of highly qualified agronomists and agricultural scientists is committed to manufacturing organic-based soil conditioners and fertilisers that maximise and sustain soil productivity for the benefit of all customers.

Through this partnership with AUSVEG, Omnia is supporting our work in representing Australian vegetable growers and providing high-quality events and services for the industry.

For more information on Omnia, see its website.