On 31 January, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approved the new registration of BASF’s Danisaraba® Miticide (Cyflumetofen) Group 25A for the control of two-spotted spider mites and other damaging, web-spinning species in Australia.

This novel miticide will provide a new mode of action for Australian Horticulture that is compatible in an integrated pest management program.

Once it is made available in June, BASF’s Danisaraba® Miticide can be used in fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, capsicums, chili peppers and eggplants) for the control of two-spotted mite and
European red mite.

Note: Danisaraba Miticide is not systemic and does not have translaminar (surface residue) activity, therefore good coverage is important – any surface not covered is not toxic, including new growth.