Australia’s biosecurity system is a vital part of safeguarding our primary industries, our environment and our communities. A new website released on 19 August will help Australians find out what we need to know and do. is designed to be a clear and intuitive website with links to biosecurity information from federal, state and territory governments, industry and environmental organisations and research bodies. It is Australia’s biosecurity website.

Users will discover how biosecurity relates to them, learn what they can do to reduce risks and find out how to report a concern. The website has been built in consultation with industry, environmental groups and government all providing content and feedback.

After research and testing, the website has been designed to include 31 user personas. These range from beekeeper to boat owner, international traveller to primary producer, animal owner to pest and weed manager. The website also provides information about how Australia’s biosecurity is governed.

Released as a beta website, the feedback and analytics gathered in the first eight weeks after release will guide the next round of developments to the website. The input of real users will be vital to make sure Australia’s biosecurity website meets all of our needs.

Visit and be part of our national biosecurity system.