Silverleaf white fly (SLW) is a significant biosecurity threat to a range of plant industries.
Victoria previously maintained an area freedom program for the pest except for a 50km radius around the townships of Murchison, Shepparton and Gillieston.

Recent detections of SLW in East Gippsland indicate that the pest has now more broadly established across Victoria.

Key changes:
Due to the further spread of SLW across Victoria, the state’s area freedom status does not meet national biosecurity requirements. Effective 1 August 2021, SLW will be considered as an established pest in Victoria.

From this date, producers consigning SLW host or carrier material to a sensitive interstate market including Western Australia and Tasmania must ensure consignments are treated in accordance with movement conditions set by these markets.

Entry conditions by destination:

  • WA and TAS – Entry conditions related to SLW apply.
  • New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory  – no entry conditions related to SLW.

SLW Biotype B feeds on over 600 plant species including vegetable, field, ornamental and weed species including: cucurbits, tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, potato, brassicas, legumes, lettuce, sweetpotato, and cotton.


Images: + Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.