The Commercial Greenhouse Cucumber Production manual provides basic guidance on growing greenhouse cucumbers, an industry which has expanded rapidly in the last few years. The increasing popularity of thin skinned, seedless and sweet flavoured snack varieties compared to traditional field grown cucumbers, has really seen this sector grow.

Greenhouse cucumbers can be one of the most productive of all crops. However, this productivity relies on accurate control of irrigation, plant nutrition and the growing environment, as well as effective management of pests and diseases. Only healthy plants can produce a high quality, marketable and profitable crop.

Although much of the included information is aimed at cucumber growers, greenhouse producers, in general, will benefit from the experts advice in this manual.

Applied Horticultural Research facilitated the updating of the 2010 manual for Greater Sydney Local Land Services. The project was funded under the Hort Innovation National Vegetable Extension Network using the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund.

To receive a copy of Commercial Greenhouse Cucumber Production, please contact Sylvia Jelinek at Local Land Services NSW at