Hort Innovation has recently contracted AUSVEG to deliver the industry export development program for the vegetable, onion and melon industries. The Multi-Industry Export Program (Vegetables, Onions, Melons) is a first for the horticulture industry and will see a collaborative approach to export development for growers in the vegetable, onion, and melon industries under a single holistic export program.

About the project

The Multi-Industry Export Program (Vegetables, Onions, Melons) (MT21009) is a five-year strategic levy investment under the Hort Innovation Vegetable, Onion, and Melon Funds. Hort Innovation – working with AUSVEG, Melons Australia and the onion industry – has brought three different industries together for the first time to collaborate on a combined industry export program.

The program developed for the Multi-Industry Export Program builds on successful export capability and market development activities AUSVEG has refined through years of successful delivery. The program incorporates enhancements such as provision of sophisticated market intelligence data and insights for growers.

This is in addition to tailored advice on product development for export, and a comprehensive market development program providing growers with valuable opportunities to re-engage with export markets and customer networks.

The synergies that will result through the joint approach between the three industry sectors will deliver strong positive outcomes for growers and achieve project delivery and resourcing efficiencies.

This investment in international trade development aligns with each of the three industry’s Strategic Investment Plan priorities to develop trade with international markets.

The new Multi-Industry Export Program will be led by AUSVEG, partnering with stakeholders in the melon and onion industries, and encompasses service delivery in the following areas:

  • Export Skills and Capability Development.
  • Market Planning and Market Entry.
  • Market Development and Trade Facilitation.
  • Market Intelligence and Trade Expansion.
  • Trade Policy, Protocol and Risk Management.
  • Communication and Industry Engagement.
  • Assistance, Advice and Resource Development.
  • Export Strategy Implementation.

The program focuses on building export capability and capacity in the vegetable, onion and melon industries.

It will also collate international market information for decision making – as well as business development functions to uplift the ability of exporting growers to service a wider range of markets and channels, and to expand international trade opportunities in the future.

The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide holistic international trade development support for Australian vegetable, onion, and melon growers to develop export markets.
  • Maintain viable export pathways.
  • Develop industry capability.
  • Achieve sustained export growth under a multi-industry approach, leveraging existing vegetable industry trade development activities and the expertise and capacity that exists within the AUSVEG international trade team.

Grower-facing service delivery

Vegetable, onion and melon levy-paying grower-exporters will gain access to a wide range of activities and services through this multi-industry project, including – but not limited to – the following:

  • Online export e-learning program and export training workshops.
  • Access to export resources and educational materials.
  • Advice on export market entry and planning strategies.
  • Participation in the annual AUSVEG Reverse Trade Mission.
  • Participation in outbound trade missions.
  • Access to an international business innovation mentoring program.
  • Access to a centralised market intelligence platform to obtain market insights, competitor analysis information, detailed trade statistics and market data.

Industry support

AUSVEG and representatives from the melon and onion industries will provide industry support to levy-paying growers, including:

  • Representation at industry and government forums, government engagement and participation in various international trade working groups on export topics.
  • International trade risk management.
  • Deliver timely assistance, troubleshoot issues and facilitate trade enquiries, provide industry specific advice and issues resolution, and develop various educational resources.
  • Communicate and publish relevant international trade updates to industry.
  • Provide input into the maintenance and implementation of the vegetable, onion and melon industry export strategies to ensure all program activities are aligned and intended outcomes and export targets are achieved throughout the life of program.

What’s next?

With international travel restrictions easing and the need for exporting growers to re-engage with international customers, AUSVEG is currently planning to reactivate select international outbound trade missions in the second half of 2022.

Further information will be released shortly on how exporting vegetable, onion and melon levy-paying growers can access these trade mission opportunities through MT21009.

Find out more

Growers interested in identifying export events or would like to discuss export opportunities can contact the AUSVEG Export Development team on 03 9882 0277 or email export@ausveg.com.au.

This project is funded by Hort Innovation using the vegetable, melon and onion research and development levies and contributions from the Australian Government.

Project Number: MT21009