Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has been asked by ministers responsible for food regulation to look at the best way to manage food safety risks relating to berries, leafy vegetables and melons.

As part of its second round of public consultation, FSANZ has prepared Proposal P1052 ‘Primary Production and Processing Requirements for Horticulture (Berries, Leafy Vegetables and Melons). This includes looking at potential regulatory and non-regulatory approaches.

To help inform the assessment of P1052, AUSVEG intends to put in a submission on behalf of growers. Leafy vegetable growers are encouraged to provide input and share their views with AUSVEG National Manager – Engagement and Extension, Zarmeen Hassan on 0452 427 977 or at

Click here to view the list of public consultation documents. Submissions close 9 February 2022.


In June 2018, the then Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum – now the Food Ministers’ Meeting) noted the increase of foodborne illness outbreaks in Australia and requested that FSANZ reassess food safety risk management across three horticultural sectors.

In response, FSANZ raised proposal P1052 – Primary Production and Processing Requirements for Horticulture (Berries, Leafy Vegetables and Melons) to consider the need for regulatory and non-regulatory food safety risk management measures in these sectors. The work is part of a broader review of chapter 3 and 4 of the Food Standards Code. For more information see FSANZ’s Review of the Food Safety Management Standards.

Proposal P1052 is being assessed under FSANZ’s major procedure, which requires two rounds of public consultation. FSANZ completed a first round of public consultation in February-March 2020. Further details about previous consultation proposal P1052 can be found here.